EBEW: Nautical

Dug through the archives a bit to put together a little blue/white stripes retrospective in honor of today’s “Everybody, Everywear”. Some looks are more nautical than others. I have to admit, I’m pretty obsessed with stripes at the moment, especially white/blue, white/red. To those who deem horizontal stripes unflattering, I have to disagree. ANYTHING is unflattering it’s too tight or highlighting areas that just aren’t your favorite features. But, if the stripes fit? I vote: wear ’em! Aye aye, Captain!

The first photo below was, coincidentally, taken exactly 2 years ago. Wow, I need to update my header/About Me photo.


~ by Elena Marie on May 8, 2012.

9 Responses to “EBEW: Nautical”

  1. The picture on the dock is my favorite of the bunch! That skirt is fabulous!

  2. Really love the outfit with the red skirt on the dock. So adorable and what a great skirt for the spring!! – Katy

  3. This skirt is fantastic! Very eye catching.

  4. The red and white skirt is gorgeous!

    Sal x

  5. You look darling!! My favorite looks are the red & white skirt on the lake and the one right below it, with your pup! I have a chocolate lab too, they’re the best! Glad I stumbled upon your blog 🙂

  6. Love all these looks, especially the red and white skirt. That is absolutely stunning.

  7. loving all the striped looks here! 🙂



  8. ok- everyone wants to know – where did you get the red and white skirt? It is the cutest thing ever!

    • Aw thanks! It’s from Anthroologie, 2010 though. Think it’s the “Pulsations” skirt.

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