To Market: May 26th, 2012

Event: Farmers’ market

Outfit: Tee: Obama 2012; Shorts: JCrew; Sandals: Franco Sarto via DSW; Necklace: gift; Bag: Rebecca Minkoff; Bag: Barnes & Noble (gift)

I love a good farmers’ market. Urbana, where I attended grad school, has an incredible one. For once I was in town on a Saturday morning, so went to check out my ‘burb’s. I’ve heard the summer (Wednesday night!) one is amazing, but this was a nice little taste. I just grabbed a basil plant and a yummy scone to take home before picking up coffee and a raspberry kolazcki at one of my favorite cafes, but then decided to wander the main street. In spite of working in this town for two years, I don’t know it well. Enjoyed browsing a used bookstore before heading home to sip coffee & nibble a scone back on my balcony. And hey, I got to pet two lab-mix puppies (8 weeks old!), so there’s a win right there.

Sarah came out from the city to enjoy an afternoon by the pool. The weather wasn’t exactly ideal, but we wrapped up in towels and sipped cocktails anyway. Spent the rest of the night eating Chinese food (I binged to a crazy degree) and watching random Alias episodes and the SJP flick I Don’t Know How She Does It (the highlight of which, for us, was SJP’s kid being scheduled for speech therapy at the end baha. We’re nerds).

P.S. The high school guy who sold me my basil saw my bag and said “That’s a great book! We just finished it” and made my day…and made me realize I really do feel more educator than student now (internally I was all AWWWW YAY YOUR TEACHER IS HELPING FOSTER A LOVE FOR READING AND I’M SO GLAD YOU KNOW ATTICUS FINCH), even when interacting with non-PreK-ers.


~ by Elena Marie on May 28, 2012.

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