Bon Voyage.

Always like to give props to great etsy shops. I ordered a custom passport case for my sister from In Blue, and had a completely positive experience! They responded very promptly to my request for customization, had a very speedy turn around time, and offered to use any image I could find on their provider’s site without any extra charge. You can pick a quote or name of your choice (I really debated a LOTR nerd fave: not all those who wander are lost, but in the end went for her name as it seemed appropriate for a new grad). You might be able to tell…I kind of want my own. Perhaps before Sweden/France?

Shopped for Anna’s grad gifts months ago, so snagged  a couple Paris-themed canvas prints when I spotted ’em at T.J. Maxx, hoping to help decorate her new apartment. Props also to Rifle Piper Co. & to Broadway Paper in Milwaukee…you make the thought of ever buying greeting cards at the CVS across the way utterly unappealing.

Stumble upon any etsy gems lately?

P.S. Check out the view outside Anna’s Parisian lodgings. Looooove.


~ by Elena Marie on May 29, 2012.

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