Summertime: May 27th, 2012

Event: Night in Chicago

Outfit: Dress: The Limited; Beads: handed down from aunt; Sandals: Guess via DSW; Bag: Rebecca Minkoff; Bangles: H&M

After a day in the sun I hopped on the train to see my friend Kim for an overdue reunion. We were fellow clarinet players in high school (seriously, sometimes I forget I played the clarinet. Intensely, and well, for 8 years. I CAN BARELY READ MUSIC NOW) and then went to U of I together. We calculated that we somehow hadn’t seen each other in 6ish years. Met her in Lakeview for a yummy Thai dinner (yes, I’ve had Thai three times this week. No, I’m not complaining even a little. Mmm) and a night of slam poetry at the Green Mill.

This is what I love about cities: totally unique events around the corner. I’ve never seen slam poetry before—such an awesome variety of life experiences, topics, personalities. Really enjoyed it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty much just a white girl from the ‘burbs, but I feel like I’m finally in a position to get poetry. Ah, all the tales of heartbreak, loss of faith, emptiness. Now I get it. Silver lining? Oh, and one of the female performers had dimples even more ridiculous than mine. Be-dimpled people, unite!

One hitch of the evening was missing my train home. I’m proud of how comfortable I finally am with the L and walking around the city (even without 3G! YAY!), but I didn’t have the timing down and had to wait for the next one. Spent some time in Union Station solo at midnight and I don’t recommend it. Oh well.

Hope you had a great long weekend!

I failed to snap a photo of Kim and me…but, oh look, here’s one from 2006 . Eeks, self.


~ by Elena Marie on May 29, 2012.

11 Responses to “Summertime: May 27th, 2012”

  1. my suburban white high school was big into slam poetry which seems really funny now. anyway, i really like how you dressed up a summer dress…it’s just PERFECT!

    • Hehe it is funny. I have to admit, the performers referencing gang violence and dealing with racism were a litttttle more affecting than the “I’m a sorta depressed, upper middle class white girl” performances.

      And thank you!

  2. my bf is/was a clarinetist – went all the way to peabody for it! now? he’s an engineer for corporate america. wtf, right? well, definitely paid better, anyway…

  3. I know i have been so absent in leaving any comment posts, but wanted to say you look great and in all your posts you look extremely happy! 🙂

  4. Union Station at mid night…so not a great place to be!! Sounds like you had a great night…The Green Mill is right by my office and I have been there for jazz, but never slam poetry!!

    • Cool! Yeah, they had jazz musicians playing in the background for a lot of the poets (all just improvised at the request of the poet e.g. “play something with yearning and then ending in happiness” ha), which was pretty awesome.

  5. is that poet in the picture Mary Fons? (according to her blog she was reading a the Green Mill: I used to love watching her perform with the Neo-Futurists.

    • Yes! It was. She was incredible. Definitely spoke right to my broken heart ha. And was just funny & charming at other points.

  6. Your ideas are lovely tasteful and stylish

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