Am currently relaxing with Sunday’s HBO offerings after a very fun weekend camping in north east Wisconsin. I took about a billion campfire food photos (c’mon, steak with garlic mushrooms and corn on the cob over a fire? Color me impressed and beyond stuffed) that I’ll of course foist upon you, but for now, here are a few shots from white water rafting.

We went through Kosir’s and went for the Piers Gorge section of the Menominee River. I’ll admit, I started getting nervous as we put on our helmets and boarded the bus. My family loves to canoe, kayak, tube down rivers…but they have always been pretty tame bodies o’ water. No helmets required. The first part of the trip was relaxing. Thennn it was time for rapids. We had 6 people in our raft, so someone needed to not paddle during the rapids. I was the paddle-free one, grippin’ onto Carrie’s and Kristy’s dad’s life vests as we went through ’em. Kristy went overboard on the second run down, which was kind of terrifying, but our guide pulled her right out of the rapids in no time (it was impressive). Overall, it was a great experience with completely gorgeous scenery. Maybe skydiving will have to be my next adventure…

P.S. In every photo Michael appears to be actively posing for the camera and Kristy is smiling even as she falls overboard…I, by contrast, appear terrified in all of them. Self, thy name is not photogenic. Especially during extreme sports.


~ by Elena Marie on June 3, 2012.

4 Responses to “Rafting.”

  1. That would be too wild for me! I can do tubing down lazy rivers, but anything rough like that freaks me out. (I don’t even like to go down water slides. I’m a weirdo.) However, the steak dinner is right up my alley! Whenever we go camping, Miles always prepares a delicious feast and gets envious looks from other men who are eating hot dogs will their family. 😉

  2. Wow! As a terrible swimmer, these terrify me a little bit, but I like kayaking on lakes! Have you been rafting a lot?

    • No, I’ve never been white water rafting before. Well, I think I went with my parents once as a kid, but other than getting stuck on big rocks a lot there was nothing too scary. I like kayaking on lakes, too! 🙂 Hope to do a bit of that this summer.

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