Update: May Goals

1. Log at least 4 workouts per week.

STATUS: Met. Well done, self. This month’s typical week held more like 5-6 workouts. Not every single one was as intense as I’d like, but overall I’m very happy with my fitness this month!

2. Decide on a birthday splurge.

STATUS: Met. Bought my first designer bag, a Rebecca Minkoff MAC. She’s having a sale right now (so tempting!) if anyone’s in the market for a handbag. I also wound up purchasing an iPhone with birthday money from family.

3. Stay within allotted calories 5 days/week.

STATUS: Fail. I suppose I’m not surprised that this is the one on which I floundered. The first three weeks of May were decent—stayed within my goal amount 4/7 days and didn’t typically go over by much. Last week and this week, however, I’ve just been over constantly. The My Fitness Pal app used to get me to stop snacking (sometimes) and cut myself off…hasn’t been working lately. Have been a bit stressed and down (well, or off camping and eating tons o’  yumminess, confronted by end-of-the-year goodies), which never bodes well for me. Need to do a healthier grocery shop next week and get back on track. You know you’re out of control when, even after burning 500 calories on the treadmill, you don’t have a shot at meeting your goal.

4. Keep in touch with friends.

STATUS: Met. Lots of emails and texts with friends, and a few great reunions with Milwaukee friends, grad school ones, and Shelly. Yay!

5. Read at least 2 books.

STATUS: Met. I read three books in May: Insurgent, Paris in Love, The Art of Racing in the Rain. Really enjoyed all of them.

6. Paris/Sweden prep.

STATUS: (mostly) met. The Paris apartment is rented, and a rooftop dinner/wine girls’ night is set for next week to discuss our plans! I need to do a bit more research on daytrips, etc, to contribute to the planning!

Not bad, May. It’s arguably the busiest month of my job, so just to keep working out and having plenty of fun weekend plans felt like an accomplishment in of itself. Looks like I need to watch my eating in June (especially as I can indulge plenty with my current goal, just can’t go RIDICULOUSLY overboard) and keep up the friend-connectin’ and workouts. Did you have any May goals? Setting any for this month?


~ by Elena Marie on June 6, 2012.

2 Responses to “Update: May Goals”

  1. I really enjoyed most of Racing in the Rain. Gotta love when a dog narrates!

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