Anna the Adult.

Anna’s graduation party was Saturday. Lots of food (cookies, you are clearly my Achille’s heel), some nice reunions, Costco brand beer (I heart the megastore & must recommend the Belgian White), a chance to celebrate Anna’s accomplishments.

And then Sunday was THE GREAT APARTMENT HUNT. Saw a few winners, a couple losers, and a great place Anna deemed THE ONE. Yay! She’s been looking for quite awhile, so it was nice to be there when she found her very first apartment! This whole thing has been bittersweet in the sense that, yep, we were both supposed to be living in Milwaukee now. That, during this month before she can move in, she should’ve been staying with her sister and brother-in-law, not in a long-term hotel. Should’ve had lots of cupcake dates and sibling bonding, rocking our twenties in the same city. It’s just another bitter pill to swallow. Yech. Cue baffled-faced-Elena again. People sure throw us curve balls in life, eh? (Yep, I think that’s the nicest way I could describe it)

Anywho–bottom line is that Anna is moving to a city I think she’ll really enjoy. So excited for her to embark on this whole journey o’ independence & adulthood! Woot woot. Looking forward to visiting her in her new digs. Proud of my hermanita.

P.S. I recommend the basil/lemonade cocktail & probably all food options from The Knick. Always delicious, Milwaukee.















~ by Elena Marie on June 18, 2012.

3 Responses to “Anna the Adult.”

  1. Woo hoo for sister time!! I so love all the ways you have been styling that dress!! After being thrown many curves, I only can wish you happiness with the way things turn out.

  2. Well I’m glad she found her first place!

  3. wouldnt have been able to find it out without you!!! i cant even wait to move in and get everything lookin cool and have you over.

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