Summer School.

The work-week outfit photos have been a bit lacking. Reminds me of my lack o’ enthusiasm during my medical internship summer (felt pretty restricted with the long pants & closed-toe shoe restrictions), except in that case I still wound up doing a lot of documenting. This summer? I think these weeks of summer school are very strictly going to follow a longer shorts, tee, sandals, & a little bling formula. During the year I somehow make skirts/dresses work with the preschoolers, but with our younger and more, er, active students…not so possible. I’m with the kids for their whole day during summer school, unlike the school year, which includes a lot of running around the playground and building sandcastles & some chasing children who decide doors are meant to be opened and “stay on the woodchips” is just a cheeky playground suggestion. So…function wins out, dudettes.

So the photos below pretty much sum up Monday-Friday, June 7th-July 3rd. Here’s to exciting evenings and weekend ensembles and, for now, shoes I can shake sand out of. My life’s is a hotbed of glamour.


~ by Elena Marie on June 19, 2012.

3 Responses to “Summer School.”

  1. These look like cute and smart picks for summer school and recess!

  2. Is it sad that I went hiking this morning, showered, and then proceeded to put on a clean pair of pajamas for the day?? Or that I did that on Monday, too? I figure if I’m working on school work, I might as well be comfortable!

  3. […] the mix-and-match results of work days every now and then. Latest fix has been donning long camisoles (from a very […]

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