Ladies Sittin’ Poolside.

Shelly and I put a June girls’ weekend on the books months ago, and I was so giddy to have it finally roll around! After I ripped open a fabulous birthday present (check out my new carafe!) we headed out for a day at the pool. Girl talk, Mike’s Hard Cranberry Lemonade (it’s been years since I had one!)/Bud Light Lime, veggies/hummus, yummy salad, frog-catching, sun-burnin’. Spent the evening introducing Shelly to a couple o’ quality chick flicks (Crazy, Stupid, Love & Definitely, Maybe), enjoying Chinese food & sugar cookie dough, and talking on the balcony with a wine-filled carafe. Completely perfect weather.

Today was all about more balcony time, bottomless hazelnut coffee, and homemade pancakes. So great to see my best friend, and to see her so happy. Next reunion = set for August. Excellent. Here’s to friendships formed as random, Barcelona-study-abroad roomies (THANK YOU, ALPHABETICAL ORDER) that keep on growin’.

Nabbed this new bikini while JCrew was having one of their extra-30%-off-sale deals. Sizes/colors are limited at this point, but I recommend it! The tulle is so fun.


~ by Elena Marie on June 24, 2012.

9 Responses to “Ladies Sittin’ Poolside.”

  1. You are styling in that bikini…love the addition of the fedora! Sounds like a fabulous weekend!!

  2. Not trying to be creepy but your body is bangin’! If I were you I would wear nothing but bikinis. Girls nights are so much fun, looks like you guys had a great time!

  3. I haven’t read blogs in so long, and holy crap girl you’re looking amazing in that bikini! I’m so beyond envious, in fact about to go to the gym right now haha. Is it weird if I ask how many calories you eat a day . . . ? =D You probably don’t even count calories but just stay active. I’m trying so hard to lose about 15 lbs by the end of this summer and finally get a tiny belly! It’s hard! Keep up the good work and enjoy your summer 🙂

    • Aw thanks! I sometimes track with the “my fitness pal” app and then aim for 1500—but that’s with subtracting exercise calories (e.g. Burning 500, eating closer to 2000). And I sometimes go over. So, um, basically I eat plenty and pray for running to help me out. 😉 haven’t really lose any weight in quite awhile, which I’m mostttly okay with. You are always look so fantastic, lady!

      • I’ve been using MFP too! It keeps me in line, otherwise I think I’m eating healthy and low cal. When I track things, it really puts food into perspective for me! Right now I’m aiming for 1400 a day, but I totally get caught up in eating more because it says I can. I think you look fantastic and whatever you’re doing is clearly working for you, even if that means going over sometimes 🙂 Thanks for the reply!

  4. this blog is so cute! keep it up lady! 🙂

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