Skirted Run.

I was excited enough about my new running skirt that I posed post-workout. My friend Ginessa rocked one for our 5K a couple of weeks ago AND my mom alerted me that Costco currently has some skort options…so clearly I needed to check it out; I follow the Kirkland trends ;). Went into my danger zone (aka Target) and emerged with this skort, a sports bra, and a tank. Was tempted to buy even more. It was so comfy! Shorts tend to bug me; always riding up, etc. But this was perfect. Honestly, the only way I’ve gotten away with such a relatively small supply of workout clothes is because I have in-unit laundry. Otherwise 5+ days/week of sweating a whooooole lot would require a bigger selection.

Personally, I mostly build up my workout gear at Target and T.J. Maxx, though my capris are pricier and from Gap (only kind I’ve found that I like). My usual gym uniform is: sports bra, supportive tank, shorts/capris/skort, headband, shoes. None of it ever matches. Where do you get your workout gear? Fan of running skorts? And, if you’re someone who works out in long pants/a hooded sweatshirt and yet does not break a sweat…please explain this to me (lady next to me today was doing just this today, as I sprayed sweat everywhere in the outfit seen above. TMI? Ah, well).

Any races on the horizon? My next one is the Dirty Girl 5K this Sunday. Running with Natalie and Sarah and wearing lots of pink. Can’t wait!


~ by Elena Marie on June 28, 2012.

7 Responses to “Skirted Run.”

  1. I LOVE running in skorts! My sister made me wear them, and I was hooked. I’m not sure if you have Meijers where you are, but they usually have good prices on skorts. 🙂

  2. I am a t shirt, sports bra, shorts or capri pants girl too for the gym. I am sure I usually look pretty scary sweating in my stuff! Most of my outfits are cheap from target or old navy, but I have been buying better running shorts for this heat!! Love you sporting the skirt!!

  3. You are luck you’re so tiny! My only nice sports bra cost $75!! I have two regular sports bras, but I literally have to squeeeeeze my girls into it. My work out gear comes from Target and REI. REI is great because— even though it’s expensive– if you don’t like it, you can return it even if you’ve sweated in it. The return policy allows members a chance to really try something out before committing!!

    Also, I’m a sweater. I don’t know how people “glisten” at the gym. I take my clothes off and they are soaking after a good work out! So gross!!

    • I do feel spoiled to not be very busty when it comes to buying workout gear! I’ll have to check out REI sometime for more quality pieces…especially because of, yep, sweating a ton…feel like I do need nicer fabrics.

  4. I love running in skorts but I still have to wear compression shorts under them otherwise I get “chub rub” – sad but true. I try to buy most of my work out gear on sale at the local sporting goods store, but I inevitably end up buying capris and sports bras at Target.

  5. ha! i am ALWAYS confused by people that workout indoors in long sleeves! it doesn’t make any sense!

  6. Just took my Target skort out for its first run today! I hate wearing shorts when running, too. They ride up too much. 😦 I felt a little silly in the skort, but it was super comfy. They’re on sale this week, so I may need to stop by Target to pick up another…. 🙂 Also, I’m with you on the sweating a ton thing. It’s ridiculous. I also turn really red in the face, which always raised a lot of questions when we ran the mile in P.E. in school…. Ugh.

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