Citrus: July 2nd, 2012

Event: Dinner/drinks

Outfit: Tank: Express; Skirt: JCrew Factory; Necklace: Ebay; Fedora: Urban Outfitters; Sandals: Franco Sarto; Sunglasses: Warby Parker

Got to bust out out my new (prescription) sunnies & my freshly-repaired skirt (merci, Anna!) for a nice Monday night dinner. Shelly’s boyfriend and I realized we live fairly close (while he’s at his summer internship), so we met halfway between our suburbs for a weeknight meal + a couple of beers at Mickey Finn’s. As I told Shelly: stamp of approval very much maintained. 🙂 Genuinely liking the people your friends are with? One of my favorite things, and I’m really pretty lucky in this—-my friends have attracted some excellent significant others.

…Because my friends are pretty darn excellent themselves. It’s not tricky math.

P.S. Ordered one of my favorite combinations: veggie burger + bacon. Paradoxical patties for the win.


~ by Elena Marie on July 3, 2012.

One Response to “Citrus: July 2nd, 2012”

  1. Love the orange skirt…so perfect for summer!!!
    I am not sure bacon on a vege burger is legal…ha!!

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