Pack It Up.

Scheduled post. Any real-time posts from me this/next week will be from abroad!

After Emily did such an awesome series of “The Summer Wanderer”, I figured I should at least document my packing for EURO TRIP 2012. Due to one Ryan Air flight in between my international ones, I’m limiting my luggage to one carry-on size suitcase (+ a large purse to lug my iPad, nook, etc and a canvas bag stowed away to load up for the trip home). I started packing pretty early this week, so I’ll admit this isn’t the most organized documentation—a few last minute items aren’t documented, and I actually packed as many tank tops as I could find/roll up in my suit case. Oh, and I packed underwear (& makeup/toiletries). Promise.

I like to pack lots of fun jewelry/accessories for travel and rely on them to mix up favorite pieces. We’re all planning on plenty of accessory sharing, too! Historically, I’m a pretty light—reasonable packer, but I’ll admit I struggle with having my wardrobe limited (and, whatever the size of my suitcase, I will fill it to the brim). Especially on a trip like this, where I can’t help but think WHO KNOWS WHAT MY STYLISH GIRLFRIENDS WILL BUST OUT (from their massive, checked suitcases)? I NEED MORE OPTIONS! But I suspect all will work out just fine with the choices below (I’ll let you know).  Could I survive on way less? Of course. But whyyyyy do so? If I was backpacking, of course it’d be a whole different story (I lived on t-shirts/jeans & 2 dresses on my last long Eurotrip).

So here’s what I packed for 2 countries and 11 days o’ international travel & fun. Off to somewhere awesome? Happy packing!


~ by Elena Marie on July 16, 2012.

2 Responses to “Pack It Up.”

  1. You are impressively well and lightly packed, lady. And all those colored pants! I could never pull those off, and am thus even more impressed. 🙂

    Hope your trip goes wonderfully. Can’t wait to see more photos!

  2. […] shared with you everything I packed for Europe, and promised to let you know how it went. Honestly: pretty well! There’s always […]

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