Packing: An Update.

I shared with you everything I packed for Europe, and promised to let you know how it went. Honestly: pretty well! There’s always room for improvement, and I definitely benefited from staying with other girls on this trip. We all left our jewelry collections out for anyone to borrow, and I did use others’ toiletries, etc (was so grateful that, as my friends all checked bags, they brought things like perfume, body lotion, etc…I banked on being able to share some things so that I could just travel with a carry-on/a few liquids). We had a washing machine, but I didn’t wind up using it.

Would I have loved even more options? Oh, absolutely. But I felt like I brought a nice combo of day/night options, and it all worked out pretty well! On the shoe front, the dressier pair of flats I brought were horribly uncomfortable, so that brought me down to just two pairs of shoes. Would’ve preferred to have more dressy options (wound up wearing plain black flats most nights), but oh well! When it comes down to it, you’re in Europe, so who really cares? It will all be awesome, regardless of the perfect footwear or outfit.

That said, I loved that we all enjoyed getting dressed up for nights out and even during the day. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure you could tell we’re American (and, as none of us speak French, could certainly figure it out quickly, regardless), but it’s at least nice not to stick out like sore thumbs completely (our favorite game while waiting in line at the Eiffel Tour? Spot the Americans).

Improvements for next Euro Trip? Pack more pajamas. More underwear (just always feels true). More known-to-be-comfortable shoes. More tank tops (because I will spill on the white ones). More strapless bras, depending on dresses/tops packed. Other than that? Keep up the good work, self.

Happy packing!




~ by Elena Marie on August 1, 2012.

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