Chicago: Wicker Park

I am lucky to have lots o’ friends in Chicago—friends who really span all parts of my life (grade school, college, grad school, study abroad, work, etc). Coming home from Paris and getting back to life in the suburbs felt a bit rough, so I quickly made plans to grab lunch with Sarah last Sunday to ease into being stateside.

Now that I’m planning LIFE IN CHICAGO (so excited!), I asked if we could dine in Wicker Park and explore a bit. Gotta start narrowing down my preferred neighborhoods. We had a delicious lunch at Birchwood Cafe, browsed Wicker Park Fest, & walked down some pretty streets. Ended the afternoon near Sarah’s current apartment (in Lakeview, off Southport Ave, which I also love), splitting cupcakes at the now defunct bleeding Heart bakery.

It’s tricky, because I could see living almost anywhere. Today: meeting a grad school friend (/soon-to-be co-worker) for lunch in Lincoln Square. Decisions, decisions!










~ by Elena Marie on August 6, 2012.

2 Responses to “Chicago: Wicker Park”

  1. I love Lincoln Square! That is going to be my new nightlife area even though I will be living a little west of there. It is lovely lovely. Cafe Selmarie is delicious and right on Lincoln Ave. I can’t wait until you are in the city for realsies!

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