Chicago: Lincoln Square

I think I’m a little in love with Lincoln Square.

I met a former grad school classmate & lab-mate near her home and she took me out for a celebratory “new job!” lunch (so sweet of her!). We’re going to be working in the same district now, which is exciting. The walk from the Montrose L stop over to Trattoria Trullo was just so pretty and lined with great looking shops and restaurants. After a quick stop in Mary-Kelsey’s awesome condo I took myself out to a matinee at the Davis Theater (Moonrise kingdom) and then headed back to the burbs.

I like the idea of being off the brown line, especially as at least 4 of my friends also are. Not too far from Southport ave, which is also a plus. I’ll be working north of the city, so the location’s good. I don’t know, guys…I’m definitely open to other things, especially if an amazing apartment would pop up elsewhere, but I’m feeling pretty good about Lincoln Square! Any thoughts on the area?








~ by Elena Marie on August 7, 2012.

12 Responses to “Chicago: Lincoln Square”

  1. Love the idea of you being close to the brown line!

  2. I’ve only been to the airport in Chicago, so I am in no position to weigh in here, but I say follow the food and friends. Good luck in your apartment search.

  3. dude. lincoln square is the shizz! we’re actually looking for a house up that way, so you can (hopefully!!!) count another friend in the area 😉 doesn’t it have a little bit of small town feel? walkable, cute shops and restaurants, great transport – couldn’t get much better!

  4. My BFF lives in the square, on Lincoln and Berteau. I love the area. So many cute shops and restaurants, and parking is plentiful and visitors don’t need a permit. That is a huge bonus for guests who come to visit. Also there is a great German beer fest there the first weekend in June.

  5. I loved being close to the brown line. I think I mentioned that I lived at Southport Ave and Irving Park Road, right in between the Sheridan Red line and Irving Park brown line. It was the perfect location for me because I needed the Clark St bus, but having the brown line at my disposal was wonderful. Not to mention Southport Ave Corridor. And half a mile from the grocery store. Aaaand you really can’t beat the Lincoln Square Ribfest.

    • I def would still consider being closer to Southport, too. Ah I think I love that whole area! 🙂

  6. I lived in Chicago for 10 years and really loved the Lincoln Square area. I lived a few stops further west on the brown line and used that train all the time. Man, I miss Chicago!

    Good luck!
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