Boot Squared: September 11th, 2012

Event: work, apartment touring

Outfit: Shirt: Gap; Skirt: The Limited; Boots: DSW

Stripes & boots. It might be 80+ degrees most afternoons, but I have new boots and I WANNA WEAR ‘EM.

Workday followed by a couple of apartment tours in Lincoln Square. I drove in Chicago for the first time! Okay, not downtown or anything, but I doubt I’ll really ever need to do that. It was only about a thirty minute drive from work (yes!) and wandering around seeking iced coffee reminded me how much I love the area. More and more, I just think it’s the place for me! Or so says my gut. I’m sure I’ll love visiting tons o’ neighborhoods, but, Lincoln Square, how about we start something fabulous?

Debating one of those apartments (PERFECTLY central location, way less closet space than the other one I toured, no dishwasher, more modern, above a bar—pro or con?—nice bathroom, smaller, blahhhhh I DON’T KNOW). My big personal debate right now is whether I care more about the a) space/love for the apartment or b) walking out my door and into the Square. I feel like I’ll make anything my “home” and love it, but, sure, having lots of space to call my own would be nice.

Maybe I just need to wait until October. But patience is not one of my virtues…

P.S. Exhausted and sick, but can’t picture missing work (but need to be healthy for a packed weekend). AND NOW WHINING IS OVER.


~ by Elena Marie on September 12, 2012.

6 Responses to “Boot Squared: September 11th, 2012”

  1. 1) Follow your gut!
    2) LOVE this outfit.
    3) Feel better soon:)

  2. I lived above a bar duing college. It was both awesome and annoying. Check the soundproofing. Nothing is worse than loud pumping music when you’re trying to entertain or sleep on a Thursday night. But hey, I renewed my lease twice there, so it couldn’t have been THAT bad!

    That said, go with your first instinct and don’t second guess! So exciting!

  3. That is my favorite shirt…love it paired with the stripes. I am dying to we’re boots too… Maybe soon, it is getting cooler. Logan square is a great area.

  4. I love that shirt with the skirt! I’m also wearing boots even though it’s crazy hot – I just need a change!

    It looks like your (potentially) new neighborhood is really fun. As for the bar thing – think about the noise from inside and also outside. People tend to congregate outside bars to smoke and talk. Could get noisy and stinky.

  5. Love the striped skirt!

    I always prioritize location. If you’re mostly cooking just for yourself, you won’t miss the dishwasher! (I didn’t). And there’s all kinds of work arounds for lack of closets….but you do have to be able to sleep. So depends on the amount of smoke/noise you expect from the bar.

  6. Jyst to ross in 2 cents: No bar!! Absolutely bad idea. And you are allowed to whine from time to time. No one will hold it against ya. Feel better and enjoy the weekend.

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