Downtown Wedding.

One of my childhood (babyhood) friends, Heather, tied the knot yesterday! The ceremony was on Loyola’s campus, right on Lake Michigan, and the reception was at the beautiful Hyatt in the heart of downtown Chicago.

For me it was just a great chance to see other longtime friends (especially Stephy and Amy) and to kickoff another city weekend in style. We got to recreate a 1988 photo, which was pretty special. Getting to walk home to Zach and Amy’s condo post-reception and pass out after a whiskey nightcap and Arrested Development=also pretty special.

…And if you ever wondered what my bridesmaid dresses looked like/ what I was going to wear to my rehearsal dinner, see below (but picture it in a beautiful forest green). Finally found an excuse to wear mine (have loved seeing my friends look stunning in theirs…would hate for them just to have wasted the $$).













~ by Elena Marie on September 16, 2012.

5 Responses to “Downtown Wedding.”

  1. Ha! I love that recreated photo!

  2. Love your dress! I also love the photo recreation. We always do that in my family, glad others join in on the fun. You should win an award for most weddings attended recently.

  3. What a fabulous photo recreation! So cool! Great dress:)

  4. You look gorgeous in that dress! I love the necklaces with it, too.

    It sounds like a lovely wedding. That photo recreation is hilarious and awesome.

  5. Thoses photos of you guys are awesome!! Love the dress…looking fabulous!!!

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