Chicago Odds ‘N’ Ends.

Aside from the wedding and Paris reunion, I also got to a) stay with & grab breakfast with Zach and Amy in Milennium Park (+ check out an interesting exhibit at the cultural center–“I want to be ordinary”), b) eat lunch and walk through Lincoln Park/North Avenue beach with Katherine/Jenna/Sarah, and c) kick off my Monday off work with Laura (as she began her remote work day at Starbucks). Then I apartment hunted some more and eventually made it
home. You know, after leaving a bag of Anthro purchases on the metra.

My stomach seizes up whenever I remember that part. Still praying for a lost & found miracle, but I know it’s highly unlikely.

Awesome news? Amy & Zach asked me to be a reader in their wedding next month! Can’t wait. I was so flattered to be asked (& suspect I’ll love living in the same city as the almost-newlyweds!).

Also, I suspect I’ll spend a lot of time at The Book Cellar after I move. Wine + books and a to-die-for toffee/chocolate scone? Yes, please.














~ by Elena Marie on September 18, 2012.

4 Responses to “Chicago Odds ‘N’ Ends.”

  1. No! That’s awful about the bag of Antho goodness!!!
    But don’t let it squash the good feelings from the weekend. It sounds like it was great!

  2. Oh man! Sorry for your loss of the Anthro purchases! That’s a bummer. Hopefully by some miracle, someone turns them in and you find them again.

  3. How’d you pay for the purchase? Some credit card companies offer protection for purchases that get lost or damaged soon after purchase. I know American Express offers this. Good luck!

    • Interesting! I just used my Chase debit card and I can’t imagine them giving me $ back for losing things, but who knows?!

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