Bliss & Debate: October 3rd, 2012



Event: Work, dinner with Liz

Outfit: Blouse & skirt: The Limited; Boots: Diba via DSW; Earrings: Anthropologie

After work I met up with my friend Liz (who got married last month!) at Bliss in Wauconda, where I’ve previously dined with my mom. Their “From Scratch Cafe” event on Wednesdays is awesome—-always a different menu, with the dishes just produced until the ingredients run out. We each opted for the gourmet pigs in a blanket—basically savory pancakes with sausage, roasted red pepper cream cheese, and a side of green garlic soup (though, oh, how the coconut chicken was tempting me as well!). Add in a free wine tasting and some after-dinner tiramisu at nearby pizzeria Slyce and our bellies were pretty happy. We had lots of speech-language pathology talk (as Liz works at the elementary school in my previous district, she has a lot of my former students!) and caught up on life. Looking forward to another after-work date soon.

Got home with 5 minutes to spare before the presidential debate. Honestly? We all know who I’m voting for, and Romney didn’t appeal to me even a little bit, but I was hoping for a little more oomph from President Obama. It wasn’t quite the performance I’m use to seeing (aka awe-inspiring and so eloquent it blows me away). Looking forward to the remaining debates. Ah, politics. I’ll never understand you as much as I feel an optimal citizen should, but I’m trying. I always make myself watch all the debates and fact-check sessions. Hey, we’re having a “citizenship” unit in PreK soon. Have to lead by example over here. 😉



~ by Elena Marie on October 4, 2012.

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