This weekend was such a treat, truly. I left work halfway through the day on Friday so I could attend Zach and Amy’s rehearsal at the GORGEOUS Lehmann mansion, had time to work out and relax a bit, got to dine and drink with friends and Amy’s family (+ my sister Anna!). Anna and I kicked off Saturday with a run/walk, pumpkin donuts & bacon, and a little lounging before getting ready for the wedding. I was very honored to give one of the readings (from a children’s booked called “Your Personal Penguin”—it’s an adorable read). I’ve been friends with Amy since 4th grade, but we’ve gone through plenty of periods where we saw each other pretty irregularly (different colleges and cities getting in the way). Recently I’ve gotten to spend more time with her and her new husband (!), and I’m so grateful for that! It meant a lot to be included.

The ceremony felt so true to them and was short and sweet—-my favorite kind to witness. Friends played the music leading them in, guest got to cuddle under blankets and enjoy an outdoor ceremony, the other reading was from “The Velveteen Rabbit”, the minister was a long-time family friend. I didn’t see many dry eyes. The reception was fun and the lemon poppyseed cake was delicious…and Anna was an excellent date and fetched me far too many beverages.

Anna and I had one epic fail: we got all ready for the after-party at the hotel (aka put on our pajamas, as directed)…we beat everyone downstairs and, feeling awkward in our PJs, went back up to our room. Fell asleep. Missed all post-wedding events. Bummer. Luckily we got to bid the couple adieu at a brunch this morning. Hoping they have a wonderful honeymoon!

P.S. Had to give props to Linda‘s etsy shop: the portrait (seen at the bottom of the post) felt like the perfect gift!

Outifit: Mariposa Lace Dress: Anthropologie/Plenty by Tracy Reese; Belt: Anthropologie; Heels: Steve Madden; Earrings: thrifted



~ by Elena Marie on October 8, 2012.

3 Responses to “Zamy!”

  1. The wedding sounds like ti was amazing! You look great in that dress and I love the addition of the beaded belt!

  2. It sounds like it was a wonderful celebration! You and Anna both looked gorgeous!

  3. Thank you, ladies! It was a very fun wedding 🙂

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