Balance & Mr. Biden.

This has been a crazier week than usual. Before/after school meetings every day, parent-teacher conferences at night, the flat-tire-debacle, etc. But: I’m grateful that I’ve still squeezed in 4 workouts since Sunday. That I’ve made healthy salads and, sure, enjoyed semi-reasonable amounts of pumpkin ice cream. That I’ve prepped for work and still enjoyed my favorite sitcoms before bed. Sometimes it’s the little things that make a stressful week feel doable.

…And I just got to kick back with the VP Debate and develop a bigger love for Joe Biden. I feel you rocked it, sir. From the international to the domestic to the (CAN’T-BELIEVE-IT’S-STILL-A-HOT-TOPIC) discussion of a woman’s right to choose…well done. Well. Done. Such a different debater than he was in 2008 (with such a different partner)…but authentic and informative both times. Please bring your “A” game next week, Mr. President. Because I absolutely know that you can.

Time to get my relaxation on. Can’t wait to get my “early vote” on in a couple of weeks.

Good night!

The 2008 VP Debate. Grad student Elena had (okay…has) very little patience for Sarah Palin. I doubt you’re shocked.


~ by Elena Marie on October 11, 2012.

4 Responses to “Balance & Mr. Biden.”

  1. Love that tee! Wish I was brave enough to wear one, but I’m pretty sure it would get a car keyed!

    • Awww. I never wear mine to work (of course), but it’s my fave weekend tee. No angry comments yet. I’m obviously in a state that’s going to vote Obama, but I think the wealthy Chicago suburbs are a bit Republican heavy. Wearing it in the upper woods of WI was maybe a bit unwise 😉 but I embrace it…

  2. i have to watch what i say at work since i somehow ended up in a very red office, but i get so excited when biden comes out swinging!

    p.s. congrats on your lease-signing! the rental market in chicago is so competitive these days, so i know how big of a deal it is!

    • My new workplace does seem to be more mixed. It’s more a general “yes! we all watched the debate!” discussion. He impressed me!

      Thanks so much!

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