Finer Things Club: I.

Katherine had a brilliant idea a few months ago: let’s start up a book club! While our small group of grad school classmates loves to get together, it’s difficult to do so consistently (especially as we used to be pretty split between burbs and city), so why not set a date every month or so and trade off hosting? And, well, throw in a book as we’ve all dreamed of being book club members.

First up was Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn (which I, conveniently, had already read). Katherine and Jenna hosted and decked their lovely Gold Coast apartment out with Halloween decor and treats. We all brought different pumpkin/Autumnal treats, and Katherine made amazing stuffed orange Jack o’ peppers. We ate, drank pumpkin beer, discussed the book, and carved pumpkins or watched Psycho.

Quite an inaugural event! Can’t wait for next month, and to be right down the brown line from most of the other participants! Yummy eats, friends, and a book discussion is pretty much my happy place.










~ by Elena Marie on October 16, 2012.

4 Responses to “Finer Things Club: I.”

  1. I love the stuffed jack o’ peppers, what a great idea!

  2. Fun!! What’s the next book you’re reading?

    • Looks like it’ll be The book Thief (which I’ve also already read ha. Will have to think about what to pick when I host…). Casual Vacancy is def next in my own list (hoping to really dive in this weekend!). Did you read it yet?

  3. Not yet! My parents asked for a Christmas list at the beginning of Oct, so I put it on the list… I’m about to start The Secret Keeper. 🙂

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