Paris Reunion.


Pretty much since we returned from Paris, we’ve been talking about our LAKE HOUSE REUNION WEEKEND. Loved grabbing dinner in Chicago with some of my favorite ladies last month, but we needed a little getaway! I picked up Laura, Andrea, & Haley from the train station after work on Friday and we made the journey up to my family’s lake house. Friday night was spent with a couple bottles o’ vino and guacamole made by Laura…and Saturday we began our day o’ FALL FUN.

I was a bit of a Day-Quiled mess throughout this trip, but after a solid night’s sleep I was eager to get up and make us some pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes. After enjoying these we headed to the cheese factory (with a stop at the alpaca farm on the way home) and then went to a nearby pumpkin patch. We went on a little hay ride and half-assed a small corn maze before going back to the house for an afternoon of outdoor lounging under blankets (of the wool and belly-warmin’-beer varieties). Girl talk, a yummy dinner based around cheese and avocados, and a randomly discovered disc of OC Season One took us through the evening.

Laura and I started our Sunday with a beautiful, brisk kayak ride. I haven’t been up to the house in the fall in years. The lake has this crazy mist over it in the morning and it just looks like glass. Ah, heaven. After Sunday morning brunch at my favorite local diner it was time to hit the road and make our way back to Illinois.

I’ve said it before and I doubt I’ll stop: could always use more time at the lake house! It’s such a nice change of pace, especially with the right people.  We’re already planning our next “getaway”, though it might just involve strategically eating our way through Chicago’s best restaurants (perhaps with sleepovers built-in)…

















~ by Elena Marie on October 22, 2012.

One Response to “Paris Reunion.”

  1. It sounds and looks like a fabulous and yummy weekend!

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