Now that I have the keys (and the movers are coming in only a few days—eeks!), it’s been crunch time around here. My living room is now just piles upon piles of full boxes, my kitchen is completely empty. I took 1 load of stuff over on Saturday morning, just to get a few things out of the apartment, and Amy & Zach (fresh off their honeymoon!) kindly helped me unload. Took them out for bagels & coffee at a shop right around the corner from my new place and got to catch up. Ahhh I think I’m going to love my neighborhood and living near so many of my favorite people! Followed that up with a late lunch in the ‘burbs with Shelly and Ryan (in town for a wedding) and an evening of packing with my mom. My parents very awesomely put all the moving boxes together and my mom has been a huge help in packing up!

This morning Anna and I met Shelly and Ryan for brunch at Egg Harbor (delicious pumpkin pancakes) before an IKEA run. I finally (!) bought a couch (have been without one for the past year), though I had to have it delivered. Ah, well. Squeezed in my favorite meal (malfuf) over at the parentals’ tonight, too.

Staring at all these boxes (and all that’s left to pack) is overwhelming me, but I can’t wait to get to Chicago. So, so looking forward to this next chapter.

Here’s to a weekend that was both productive and friend/family-filled. Work hard, play hard. šŸ˜‰








~ by Elena Marie on October 28, 2012.

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