Election Day: November 6th, 2012

Event: Work

Outfit: Jacket: JCPenney; Skirt: Secondhand from Jen Loves Kev; Royal blue tee (under jacket): Old Navy; Boots: Steve Madden

Not great photos, sadly, but I went very patriotic on election day. Bright red skirt, bright blue tee. I figured the Obama tees should probably wait until after work, though I’ll admit I was a bit bummed to leave them at home.

Even though I voted last week, I was really, really giddy over election day. I asked to run our “dramatic play” station on Tuesday and set up mock ballots for all the kids, a couple of “voting booths”, picture IDs for them to use to sign in, etc. We voted on two of our favorite storybook characters: Pete the Cat or Chester the raccoon. Many of the students circled, er, both fabulous animals when direct assistance wasn’t at hand..but SHHHH. I’m…encouraging cross-species cooperation over here.

Working at a polling place was pretty magical, once I got past the awful parking and being accosted by local politicians on the walk in. Our students got to take a little tour of the polling place and see everything in action (and were given “I voted” stickers by the kind volunteers, which was great). They were in awe of the machines and the many quiet, booth-encased grown-ups.

Theme of the week in our classroom is “being a good citizen”, and I have to say—especially in light of how thrilled I am over this election’s outcome—-it’s one I take to heart. Whenever I hear about people who don’t bother to vote, I’m genuinely baffled. Especially as a woman..WOW did people go to a lot of trouble to obtain that right for me. And, I mean, when it’s outlined in a picture book geared toward three to five-year-olds that voting makes you a good citizen…I think we can all step up to the plate. My job holds me accountable; have to practice what I preach!

And now I’ll end that tangent. Honestly, I’m putting together a few posts on election night since it coincides with FINALLY having internet…so I’m in a very verbose, happy place.



~ by Elena Marie on November 8, 2012.

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