Acts of Kindness.

Like everyone, the horrible events in Newtown have really been weighing on me. I know there’s no way to make sense of what happened, but the thought of someone opening fire on 20 innocent children and their protectors is beyond…ugh. It’s just beyond anything I can wrap my mind around. Working in a school is a bit rough this week. We all love our students and are very committed to supporting them and keeping them safe. Seeing something like this happen makes the job feel all the more important…but it also has left me feeling a bit powerless. My thoughts are with the families…and aimed toward hoping we see some real changes on gun control in this country. So, so long overdue.

With that in mind, I decided to intentionally commit today toward some acts of kindness. Hopefully we all treat others well everyday, but I have been feeling the need for something extra. The helpers are inspiring me. Here’s a running list for my Tuesday. Maybe we can inspire one another! Some of these are fairly routine, some a bit in jest (my mom deemed me checking in an “act of kindness”). But here’s to creating a little more good.

-Gave all snacks on hand to a sleeping homeless person

-Bought the person behind me’s Starbucks order in the drive-thru (have always heard of people doing this—finally did it! Might have to go for it once a month or something. Made my heart happy)

-Surprised my co-worker with her favorite Starbucks treat

-Picked up lunch items for co-workers

-Called my mother πŸ˜‰

-Made my (small but mighty?) annual donation to the Literacy Services Center

-Penned snail mail to (hopefully) brighten loved ones’ days

-Made cookies I plan to send home with my guests after my holiday soiree



~ by Elena Marie on December 18, 2012.

One Response to “Acts of Kindness.”

  1. Love it E! Keep up those random acts! πŸ™‚

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