Holiday Housewarming.

I already shared some of the “photobooth” results from my holiday/housewarming party, but just thought I’d document a few other details. Those of you who’ve been reading for awhile may remember that I kinda LOVE throwing a party. A lot. I get into silly things that I realize most people don’t really notice or care about (e.g. signs detailing the food being served, favors for guests when they leave, etc)…because I just can’t resist. IT’S SO FUN. Begin to imagine the efforts I put into planning a freaking wedding…and feel my pain. BUT MOVING ON. Previous evidence: housewarming 2010, Stella & Dot jewelry party, 25th birthdayΒ (cupcake bar remains one of my favorite ideas!).

I didn’t want to stress about this party, so I really did make it relatively low-key. I just put together a hot chocolate/coffee bar (…on the pull-out ironing board in my kitchen) with lots o’ toppings and a few liquors to use for spikin’. With the help of friends, made a few appetizers (bacon wrapped potatoes with lemon aioli, asparagus/mozzarella tarts). Baked some carrot cake cupcakes (from the box mix) and whipped up some cream cheese frosting that I could dye green to make a little tree (which I also did last year. Ooh—got to use a few of my cupcake toppers from the aforementioned non-wedding…yes!). I made some of my grandma’s cookies earlier in the week to put out as favors (along with little to-go bags stamped with my new address). I knew friends were awesomely bringing food and beverages, so other than grabbing some local beer and a bottle of wine, I didn’t go crazy on that front. My sister cut out a paper tree for everyone to decorate, which was another fun addition!

I shopped early in the week so I wouldn’t be running around, got my hair cut that morning and just lounged around while things were baking. Low-stress with pretty great results aka getting to spend time with wonderful people. Can’t wait for an excuse to throw another party…












~ by Elena Marie on December 27, 2012.

6 Responses to “Holiday Housewarming.”

  1. It was a wonderful party darling! Anytime you want to throw one, I will be there! So glad you are in the ‘hood. πŸ™‚

  2. Love the hot chocolate bar idea!

  3. Love your gold and black dress!
    May I ask where you bought it from?

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