A quick note from the present (November 2013): I haven’t blogged regularly since February 2013. Sometimes I miss it, but I just seem to be more of an instagram lady as of late. Very much enjoying my city life (though it’s no longer single. Hello, boyfriend/condo-mate/all around awesome fellow). Would still always love to hear from past readers / other fabulous folks.


This blog and its author are currently in transition. Recently turned 26-years-old, started 3rd year as a speech-language pathologist, and moved back to Illinois. First foray into “single lady” life in a very long time & first time living in Chicago. Ch-ch-ch-changes, folks.

Here are the things that aren’t likely to change anytime soon: addicted to caffeine, mostly in its more expensive and calorie-rich forms (pumpkin spice lattes, white chocolate mocha frappuccinos). Loves lots of things that many might deem nerdy: Harry Potter, Aragorn, Han Solo, the university’s course catalog, argyle (has a long-standing lust for J.Crew’s cashmere argyle sweaters; doesn’t own any). Has studied abroad in Barcelona (briefly) and Verona (for 5 months) and stopped by other parts of Europe; craves a trip back (most desired spots: Budapest, Ireland (check!), back to Scotland and Verona). Addicted to quite a few TV shows, but Game of ThronesOnce Upon a Time, and Modern Family are probably locked in a three-way tie for “current favorite.”  Tries to watch most of her TV whilst treadmillin’. Drinks wine (and beer), yearns for lots of clothes and occasionally purchases them, avoids tuna at all costs, loves a good girls’ night out…hasn’t told many people about this new blog, but is always excited to see comments.



2 Responses to “About.”

  1. I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I love your blog! I think I discovered it a while back through Kim’s Anthroholic blog, which I read religiously. 🙂 Love your outfits and pics. Keep up the good work! -Lauren

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